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The mission of Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio (CMS) is to prevent the harmful physical, emotional and economic effects of unmanaged or mismanaged conflict on individuals, families, neighborhoods and organizations by providing, promoting and teaching non-adversarial conflict management strategies that empower disputants to create lasting, "win/win" resolutions to their concerns.

Mediation is a viable alternative to taking legal action and can provide all involved parties with an agreeable outcome.  CMS offers a variety of conflict resolution services that can fit your needs.  Contact us now for a free, confidential consultation.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a peaceful and respectful method of resolving conflict that involves disputing parties sitting down together with a skilled impartial individual called a mediator who helps them work out a voluntary solution to the problem that is acceptable to everyone involved.  CMS offers mediation services to help resolve family/elder care related issues, divorce/seperation disputes, neighborhood conflicts, tenant/landlord disputes and workplace/business related concerns.

Learn more about our professional services by calling us now at 614.228.7191.

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