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Our Confidentiality Policy

CMS staff and mediators will not voluntarily reveal any information related to a mediation communication to outside individuals without the consent of all parties and the mediator.

CMS is required to report to the appropriate authorities, however, when information is revealed involving the planning of a crime, the commission of a felony, possible abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable adult, or a threat of bodily harm to any person.

In addition, CMS reserves the right to reveal a mediation communication if necessary to respond to an allegation by a mediation participant of professional misconduct by the mediator or a CMS staff person or to respond to professional misconduct by a mediation participant.

Our policy is governed by the Uniform Mediation Act, which became law in Ohio in 2005. CMS is a member of the National Association of Community Mediation.

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    City of Columbus
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    Franklin County Job and Family Services
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    Columbus Bar Foundation

    Columbus Bar Foundation

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    Franklin County Community Partnership
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    Siemer Family Foundation
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    Harry C Moores Foundation
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