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Customized Basic Mediation Training

As more organizations become aware of the advantages of mediation, they are providing their key employees with the opportunity to develop their non-adversarial conflict resolution skills.

CMS offers a 2-day basic mediation course that can be tailored to the needs of your personnel, whether they are in management or other leadership roles. Testing and certification of each participant's mediation skills can be included upon completion of the course. The topics covered in this course include:

  • How to help disputants resolve a broad range of conflicts, including those occurring in the family, workplace and community.
  • Criteria/strategies for determining whether mediation is appropriate for particular cases/disputants. 
  • How to effectively prepare disputants to meaningfully participate in mediation. 
  • The origins and dynamics of conflict. 
  • The three critical pieces of information about a dispute a mediator must identify in order to facilitate the peaceful/productive resolution of any conflict. 
  • The seven stages through which every mediation passes, and how to guide disputants through them. 
  • Mediator ethics 
  • How to help disputants effectively manage their emotions during mediation. 
  • How to draft disputants' agreements.

All CMS’ Trainings can be submitted for continuing education credit approval for numerous professions including: Attorney’s, Educators, Nurses, Social Workers, Counselors, Family and Marriage Therapists, Psychologists, Chemical Dependency Professionals and Human Resources Managers.

Please contact us, so we may help you determine the training that is best for your situation.  

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