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Mediator Testing & Certification

If you have completed CMS' 2-day Basic Mediation training, you are eligible to participate in our for-fee mediator testing and certification process.

In most states, including Ohio, there is no standardized license or certification REQUIRED for mediation practitioners.

The CMS Mediator Certification Credential is therefore primarily intended to help confirm for mediators (as well as their employers and prospective clients) that an individual has demonstrated through successful completion of both a written and performance evaluation test, that he/she understands the major tenets of how to skillfully deliver a systematic 7-stage conflict resolution process for disputing parties.

Our standard certification process involves an experienced trainer from CMS meeting with a candidate 4 times over a period of approximately 6-8 weeks after the candidate's completion of CMS' 2-day Basic Mediation Training.

CMS Certification Process
  1. One 3-hour written test preparation session (involves an in-depth review of CMS' 7-stage facilitative mediation model).
  2. One 3-hour mediation role-play evaluation test preparation session (includes one-on-one coaching as candidate practices guiding two mock disputants through CMS’ seven stage mediation process using multiple conflict scenarios).
  3. One written test assessing the candidate’s grasp of the mediation process. The written test is administered, graded and reviewed with the candidate. (Most individuals are able to complete the test in approximately 90 minutes. Grading and review of test will generally require up to another 90 minutes.) If multiple attempts are necessary to pass a test, each subsequent test will vary in content.
  4. One mediation role play test administered, scored and reviewed with candidate. Candidate will guide two mock disputants through a mock mediation session and be scored on his/her performance by an experienced CMS trainer. An audio tape recording of this session is created for candidate’s later review. (Testing completion and grading feedback session combined usually require approximately 3 hours.) If multiple attempts are necessary to pass a test, each subsequent test will vary in content.
  5. A formal letter of certification from CMS is provided to candidate upon completion of the CMS certification process.

Cost of CMS Certification Process

The total cost for the full certification process as outlined above is $1,200 per person.

Fee may be paid incrementally in four payments of $300 each, prior to the completion of each certification component. Significant discounts are available for groups that wish to pursue certification for multiple individuals.

If a candidate wishes to forego one or both of the test preparation sessions, the cost for completing the certification process may be reduced accordingly.

With payment of additional fees an individual may take the written or role-play test up to three (3) times if necessary to achieve a passing score. If multiple attempts are necessary to pass a test, each subsequent test will vary in content. (If a certification candidate wishes the CMS trainer to come to his/her location to deliver any of the certification components, there could be an additional charge for the trainer’s travel time and expenses.)

We highly recommend that individuals who are interested in getting certified initiate the process as soon as possible after completing CMS’ 2-Day Basic Mediation Training so that the material from the course will be as fresh as possible. If, however, it has been some time since a candidate has completed the basic training and he/she wishes to pursue certification, we will allow the candidate to sit-in-on the 2-Day Basic Training class again for $198 ( ½ the normal fee of $395).

Please contact our Executive Director if you have any further questions or when you are ready to begin the certification process.


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