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Customized Domestic Mediation Training

As more organizations become aware of the advantages of mediation, they are providing their key employees with the opportunity to develop their non-adversarial conflict resolution skills.

CMS offers a 5-day domestic mediation course that can be tailored to the needs of your personnel. The topics covered in this course include:

  • How to help couples resolve divorce/separation related issues in a way that meets their needs and those of their children. 
  • The origins and dynamics of domestic conflict. 
  • The "myths" about divorce and how they impede the healthy resolution of domestic conflict.
  • How the role of a domestic mediator differs from the role of a legal advocate or family counselor.
  • The psychological impact of divorce on adults and children and the implications for mediation. 
  • Ohio domestic relations law and its relevance to the mediation process. 
  • How to help couples plan to cooperatively parent their children. 
  • How to help couples divide marital assets and liabilities equitably. 
  • How to help couples arrange to maintain two financially stable households after divorce.

Continuing Education Credit is available for many professions.

Please contact us, so we may help you determine the training that is best for your situation.

Please Note: The Ohio Supreme Court requires individuals who wish to mediate disputes for a county court involving the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities to complete Basic Mediation Training prior to completing a 40-hour Domestic Mediation course that has been approved by the court. Our training is approved by the Ohio Supreme Court. 

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