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Customized Conflict Resolution Training

In this workshop, your members/staff will learn key principals and skills necessary to effectively resolve THEIR OWN day-to-day disagreements with co-workers, supervisors, clients, customers, etc.

This workshop can be tailored to a 1-day or 2-day format that includes the following topics:

  • How to calmly and respectfully resolve disputes with clients, employees, supervisors, co-workers and vendors. 
  • How to resolve conflict using a "needs" rather than a "rights" based approach.
  • How using five different conflict resolution approaches will impact future relationships.
  • Tips for choosing the right conflict resolution approach for each dispute situation..
  • Three critical pieces of information needed  to successfully resolve any dispute.
  • How to find solutions to conflicts that will satisfy all involved parties .
  • Community Resources available for addressing critical outside personal/family conflicts affecting employee performance in the workplace (e.g., divorce, parent/teen, elder-care concerns, etc.)

Continuing Education Credit is available for many professions.

Please contact us, so we may help you determine the session that is best for your situation.  

  • City of Columbus
    City of Columbus
  • Franklin County Job and Family Services
    Franklin County Job and Family Services
  • Columbus Bar Foundation
    Columbus Bar Foundation

    Columbus Bar Foundation

  • Franklin County Community Partnership
    Franklin County Community Partnership
  • Siemer Family Foundation
    Siemer Family Foundation
  • United Way of Central Ohio
    United Way of Central Ohio
  • Harry C Moores Foundation
    Harry C Moores Foundation
  • Alvis, Inc
    Alvis, Inc
  • Volunteers of America
    Volunteers of America